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They are Destroying Earth Again!!

A tiny game about global warming.


Game Design, 2D Artist


Telepathic Vampire Master Chef


April 2019

Download the 3D version on

This game was made in Nordic Game Jam 2019 and won "SYBO Impact Award for creating games with positive impacts on global issues". 

To design this game my focus was to show how humans are excessively using resources and hearting earth and what is gonna happen if they don't slow down. The game might seem like a chill idle game at first but with a twist. As years pass by, the players try to help the earth, destroy human-made constructions causing global warming and help the earth live longer, but in the end, as things get out of control there is no way to save the planet.


Other than game design I also made art for the 2D version of the game.

Gameplay screenshots

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