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Game Concepts

In-game screenshots made for concept game ideas (click on the pictures to zoom)

Pishook's Tale

This is a runner-adventure mobile game concept is about a domestic cat, Pishook, realizing something is missing in her life. Pishook starts her journey all around the world, trying something new anywhere she goes, learning more about herself. 


Joep is a concept point and click game- puzzle about a future where humans are being controlled by their government by being brain-washed to always wear VR helmets, live in a virtual world, and only see what they want to see. A bug in Joep's VR lets him see the real world and understand how messed up the government have made it. He decides to get to the capital, destroy the Mother (the central database), save the world. In his way, he has to keep switching between reality & VR to both solve mysteries and get past the traps from the government to catch the rule-breakers.

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