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REM(Thomas' Dream)

A puzzle platformer about Thomas, stuck in his dreams and nightmares by his suppressed memories. 


Art Director


Bjørn Sørensen, Cornelia Irbo, Kasper Egholm, Hannah Jørgensen, Lonnie kamarainen Schrøder, Mathilde Brix Laursen, Viktor Henderson, Weronika Kulis


May-June 2019

REM is the story of Thomas, a guy who seems to have a normal happy life but facing depression from the inside. Lately, Thomas has some weird dreams and nightmares and he is drawing deeper and deeper into them. To avoid stucking forever, he has to find the balance inside his dreams and nightmares and remember his suppress sad past memories to cope with his life and go on. 


I was the Art Director of the project and worked with 8 other students, consist of 4 visual designers in the art department. I also helped with the initiation of the story and game design.

REM Gameplay


The gameplay of REM happens in Thomas' nightmares and dreams in a surreal setting. For the Nightmare world, I wanted to have a mysterious, creepy, sad environment with a feeling of stickiness and strangle, and the dreamworld was supposed to be magical and full of light with a feeling of freedom and happiness. I tried to bring all those feelings by choosing specific color pallet, assets, and special characteristics for each world. 


Concept Art - nightmare world - by Anahid Attaran


Concept Art - dream world - by Anahid Attaran

Art Direction

As an art director, I defined the mood and style of the game. I found references, made storyworld bible, made thumbnails and gave directions to match artists' different styles. 

My most important job was to manage and try to do good communication and management with the artists -which had different personalities and art styles- and also between different departments. 

dream 1-1 copy.jpg

First level - Environments


First level thumbnail for dream world

by Anahid Attaran

Memory 2.1.jpg

Memory cutscenes 


Cutscene thumbnails

by Anahid Attaran

Splash Screen.png
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