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Eventyr Riget(The Fairytale Kingdom) 

A hidden AR magical kingdom inside the Rigs Hospital.

Eventyr Riget.jpg

Laurent Gehin, Lonnie kamarainen Schrøder, Teresinah Ho


April 2019

The project was made as a collaboration of KADK with Rigshospitalet's oncology department. The focus was on cancer patients' child relatives, wanting them to be able to get more involved with the treatment process and making the hospital a more pleasant place for them.

Eventyr Riget  is an AR storyworld/game for kids filled with norse mythology creatures. The kids can find the characters in intended places inside the hospital indicated by the game's special tokens. Each of these tokens can reveal either a simple interactable character, a casual game, a puzzle game or a quest. The game also contains a book about the characters they met at hospital. Kids and their families can read them from anywhere after living the hospital.

Trailer of the game prototype

The roles for this project was not restricted and in most of the progress we all work partly on everything. So in some part its hard to separate the work of each indivisual.


User Research

The purpose of this project was important for us. Therefore we took a lot of time at the beggining to research the needs of cancer patient families, create personas for different characters and make user journeys based on their personality. This research gave us a good foundation to make the stories that could answer the kids and their families needs.

NG Desihn

Narrative and Game Design

I wanted the interactions in our storyworld to be also helpful beside just being fun to explore. Thus, I suggested having stories based on kids' psychological needs to help them deal with the situation.

Later, I worked on designing different game prototypes along with my teammates. Doing so, my main focu​s was to knit the miny games with stories that could guide the kids to understand the emotions and events, related to the situation. The characters inside the game could feel like a friend. Sometimes they would ask kids' help to solve their problems by saying, solving a puzzle for them. Other times they could show them different ways of coping with a situation by following their story within the Quests.


Puzzle Game about helping out


Quest about loss


Art & Development

I also worked on some of the visuals of this game.

Using Norse symbols for AR scanning tokens as most of them had the needed requirements of an AR code. I also tried to use find symbols with meanings related to the subjects in the story.

Character Design for some of the characters from 2D drawing to modeling, animating and adding particles if needed.

Drawing the UI elements.

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